See if you can get a public attorney, or ask around the courthouse. Book / movie club… I have returned stuff far after receiving them (like months).. ??? As long as they are in the same shape (movie not opened, book pristine) and you have the original packaging, put ’em back in it and return ’em. I have always had stuff accepted. Other option is to try to sell them on Amazon or and recoup at least some of the money. I got in lots of trouble with those clubs too – join the team!!!!! 🙂
Cats don’t scratch with their back claws, so you should be OK on that one. It’s the front ones they sharpen in the most inconvenient places. (Not all of them do – strange – had one that was never a problem and two that were total nightmares – the one even LIKED the spray bottle we disciplined them with.)

when my cat ripped a ever so tiny hole in the hose on my C-PAP machine. Had to be replaced and the cat got her front claws cut out which ended up costing me right at $99 for the procedure and some blood tests. May get the back claws out too.
And my broken couch has finally gotten to the point that it needs to be fixed before I need a crane to get up. My cousin is coming this week to see about how he can fix it because he knows about wood and I said i’d pay him for it. Then I had to charge some meds on mom’s account so we compromised that she wouldn’t have to pay her half on the electric bill this month. My pills were about $12 and the bill was $31 so it worked out.
I ordered a book and movie too thinking i’d have the money from my blow to pay for them, that was before the cat ordeal. So much for that. Too late to send them back so I may bum $45 from mom to pay for them or wait until july. Soon as I make my committments, i’m cancelling the movie club and have already got out of two book clubs which is good news.
The bad news is that my husband has jumped again so I can’t contact him at all and he owes me some money. I was planning on paying a bunch on my citibank card with it so now i’m screwed. I want a divorce but can’t file if I don’t know where to send the damn papers, can I?

If you have your BEF (or any emergency fund in place) you will have the money to replace the phone if you need to. Plus, you only paid $15 for the phone.
Don’t worry about not having the money to restart the landline. If you keep your cell phone charged and with minutes, you will be fine. Plus, you can always call 911 from any cell phone, even inactive phones (as long as the battery works)

I never talk on the phone and the only reason I have it is for my DSL, which I absolutely refuse to give up. I’ve got a TracFone which is all I need and since I never talk on it and only need to purchase minutes every few years, it only costs me $4.95/mo to keep it active without adding minutes to it. I pay ~$30/mo for a phone that very rarely ever gets used and that’s the least expensive plan that my phone company offers. We don’t have cable internet here, so the only other option is satellite high-speed internet, which would be more than my phone and DSL are right now.

I’m not technologically savvy, but I’ll do my best to explain. Your telephone is plugged into a box that is plugged into your computer that’s plugged into the internet, or something like that. You basically are talking on the telephone over the internet. You would probably get a much better explanation by googling it.
Sometimes the companies offer the first month free, but the standard rate per month seems to be $19.95. I hope this helps a little – please forgive my nontechnical jargon.

we were paying about $20 per month for our landline and our new area charged $50 (just for local, that did NOT include long distance or any extras) plus $30 and up if we wanted internet. I said forget it, got my cell phone with family plan ($65 for 3 people, unlimited mobile to mobile, nights & weekends free), and am saving at least $50 per month by not having a land line. I did try the VOIP service for about a year, and was extremely pleased with the price but the quality wasn’t wonderful and most people called me on my cell anyway, so we dropped that too. If you have to have a landline, are you able to get VOIP? You could save a lot of money – a flat fee per month which includes local and long distance, and caller ID too.

denim fabric at walmart and making a case for my cell phone. I really like to do things like this. Mom’s getting one for christmas. Velcro with the sticky back will secure it shut or a button. Just have to learn how to sew buttons. Can’t be that hard. It’s a little pink tracfone so it doesn’t have to be a big case.
I’m still on the fence about dropping the landline. What if I drop it and i’m too broke to replace it?

Prepaid cell with 70 minutes on it right now. I paid 15 for it and 19.95 for the minutes. I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid i’ll drop the cell again and it’ll be stuck in roaming like the last one that roamed at home and until about six miles from the house. Worked good in the next town but not here. I’m the kind of person that makes a decision after chewing on it for forever and then regrets doing it like way too much. Likes the stupid loans i can’t even remember what were needed for in the begginnging sometime early last year. I’m sorry but i’m sooooooooo tired.

I have one, I dibble and dabble a little bit with some companies that aren’t in my larger portfolio and I especially liked the idea of not having to buy a whole share of stock or fractional shares of stock to see my comfort level with the company. I’ve not been to the account in quite some time but I went moments ago. It seems as if you can no longer build up to a share of stock… you must, at a minimum, buy one share. When did this change? Why did this change? Does anybody know? I’m imagining this is tied in to the acquisition of Sharebuilder by the less than agreeable Capital One…
— I’m with Sharebuilder although I haven’t actively invested since I got serious about getting out of debt a few years ago. I’m not sure what you mean. Automatic Investing works the same as it always has– X dollars into X companies (i.e. Sina Cash Advance) will get you X shares or partial shares. Are you talking about direct (real time) trading?
Or buying (into) mutual funds?

PS.They no longer allow you to buy x dollars of a share. You have to buy at least one share. Used to be if Apple was trading at 200 a share, you could buy 25 dollars worth…. Or 1/8th of a position. Now you have to invest in the entire share.

I’m so stressed out from taking care of my mom and have been up allnight so if this don’t make no sense you’ll have to forgive me. Two loans, 254 and 233.33. Got out of the third one. They charged me for discontinuing everything so why should long distance be any different? I’m on the cheapest plan for LD they have and it’s like 6 or 7 a month plus .06 a minute. Had to tell the lady repeatedly I didn’t make enough calls for the bundle to make sense or the plan she said was free but .15 a minute. Didn’t make sense.
I think Centurytel isn’t making enough money from me and they’ve caught on ’cause I never make any long distance calls and absolutely refuse to bundle. It’s not cheaper. I’m on the cheapest internet other then dial up they offer so that’s why they charged me for their mistake on the call block thing. I could talk allday and tell them what I wanted but they’d still get it wrong and when I changed I got charged, when I discontinued they charged.
I’ve got 60 in savings I think I’m so confused. So tired. Can’t sleep. Having seizures agin, bumped my head again in the same damn place for the fourth time ’cause i’m so tired and can’t sleep. My phone bill according to Centurytel should be about 60 a month when I get caught up and i’ll ask about that today when I pay my bill. Gotta stay awake to pay Capital one too. Mom’s putting the money in my account to do that today. Gotta stay up for the plumber. Someone keeps putting their kitty litter down the toilet around here and it backs things up a LOT but it’s flushing now. Thank God.