I have a dear friend of mine who is overweight and always has problems sleeping. It was the bed. By Yahweh’s grace, she and her husband were led to get a king size bed that is worth about 1800 dollars, and they found a place that sold them wholesale for 700 dollars. She loves that bed and her aches and pains went away. I fact, we were so sold on the bed, we went and bought one ourselves from the same place. Never been happier with it.

Have you considered that option? Waiting to find a very comfortable and high quality king sized bed that you and your mother could sleep in together? In the meantime, you could get a air matress as you look for a bed that really will resolve your aches and pains.

The bed we bought is made by Legacy. Again, they are expensive unless you find a wholesale warehouse or someone who is selling one in the paper. Sometimes, you can find very good king sized beds that are being dumped for 100 or 200 dollars because people are moving, or whatever, and they just want to get rid of it. Everyone is happy.

Stay away from the “foam” beds that conform to your body, and gimmick beds. I’ve heard people buy them and then complain that they are not as comfortable as you think when you actually sleep in them. Kind of like the water bed craze in the 80s. I bought one and hated it after about a month….sold it…my “third” purchasing mistake that I remember.


I would love to hear a success story from you that you got the perfect sleeping situation fixed for a lot less money.

We are trying to give you advice and help you work the steps. If you have done your budget for the next year and can find that extra $50 a month for the futon, then you could take that $50 and instead of paying for a futon, put it up for 2-3 months and buy one at Walmart. I have seen them there for $99-$150.

We are just trying to help you see that you will be paying over $600 for a futon worth less than $200. That extra money you have found for a monthly futon payment could be used to get some of the CC creditors off your back.

No, you have not bought anything on credit in over a year, but I think if you will step back and look at this purchase rationally and not from a panic situation because you are feeling poorly, you will see that this is not a wise choice. This is paying a huge interest rate with money you cannot really afford to pay it with.

I also have to ask, if you have found an extra $50 a month in your budget for 11 months, then where is it now? Where are you pulling the $50 from?

which you are working on doing and that’s very good and I’m proud of you for that, but when you go out and get MORE debt (while trying to get current with your bills) and have to make more payments on top of all the financial disasters you are already in how is that helping?

By the way I am not so much angry Cathy, but just very frustrated when I see the major problems you have had but then also see how far you have come from getting out of the payday loans..I was SO proud and happy for you about that…was really pulling for you girl…but then to see you tell us today that you went out and put something else on credit and furthermore you basically tell us that despite whatever dave says or what any of the rest of us have ever said to you to try to help you, that you did it in spite of all of that.

Do you just want to shout and scream about why I seemingly don’t understand, when its obvious that my husband and I must have had several things to overcome too in order to be able to get to this point in Dave’s plan?

And being “fortunate” or lucky has nothing to do with the fact that we are finally almost at baby step 7. We weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths…It took a lot of hard work, focus, and determination to get to this point…it sure didn’t just fall into our laps as if we are “special” people that are somehow more priveleged than others Cathy…and I posted where we are in the baby steps to try to encourage people that it IS possible to get to this point..I would think that should actually encourage you instead of offending you.

You can’t just assume my health is great either, nor assume my husband’s health is great. We all have problems in our lives though our problems may differ from other people’s.

It’s no picnic for any of us…a lot of us here have worked and are working hard to get out of debt (many also in dire circumstances), and you can too…it just might take you longer than it would some others that have bigger incomes.

If you had asked for advice on the list before going out and buying the new futon, do you think it’s just possible that “maybe” someone here would have been able to help give you money-saving ideas instead?

You complain that you are broke and cant afford anything…but yelling at me because you think I don’t understand your situation is not going to help…I understand FAR better than you know, since a lot of us when we first started the DR plan were broke in the beginning, and we all have to work our way out of it no matter where we started from.

If you want me to say that getting into MORE debt is an ok thing, when you are already in a very desperate situation, then no I’m sorry I can’t tell you that’s ok. You said you are taking the advice that’s been given in the group to not have any more loans, but then on the other hand, right afterwards you state that it’s the first thing you’ve bought on credit in over a year…so no, if you are broke then you can’t afford the loan no matter how long it’s been since you last bought something on credit.

But since I’ve already expressed my concerns to you, that’s all I can do and all I’m going to say…it’s like talking to a brick wall anyway..so the rest is up to you.

Go to the online ads in your area (ours is called recycler.com) You can find almost brand new condition couches for 100 to 200 dollars. People with a lot of money move, and they have a couch for a year, and they just want to dump it. We bought an almost new couch and love seat for only 150 dollars.
Yes, there will be those with higher prices, but they are sometimes half the cost of a new one…and practically new.

Of course, there are the junky ones too. You just have to keep looking and wait for that one that the person isn’t concerned about the money, but just wants to dump the “great condition” couch, for whatever reason.

Get an air mattress as a temporary measure, then keep looking until you find the perfect couch. Take the money you are going to pay on credit, and put that in the bank to save to buy a couch for cash.

Then, you will have your couch for cash (and much, much less than 610 dollars), but you will also have an air mattress you can use when you want. (Assuming you have space to store it)

as a friend to a friend, we had a futon and it was very uncomfortable to sleep on! Have you tried laying down on it first?

If you can return it (which maybe you can’t), an air mattress may put you in heaven at night….fyi…Greg (The 30 dollar ones come with their own electic pumps…no big deal to blow them up)

30 dollars and 610 is a big difference…

I don’t have a BEF done yet because i’m trying to get caught up on my credit cards which was what everyone said Scott would tell me to do first. I’m behind on all of them except one and i’m making regular payments above the minimum on it every month. I’m also paying more then I can really afford on all the rest to get caught up faster. Citibank will have to wait until I get caught up to get a bigger payment and they agreed to wait. I make $693 a month not what some of you make $4 or 5,000 a mointh becuase you can work and earna goood salary and have two people working. I’m getting a divorce because my husband walked out on me nearly three years ago nad if you can’t understand my wanting to move on with my life then i’m sorry. I owe the attorney $210 and I will have it paid by the 3rd of September regardless of what I do now. My husband paid his half. I don’t see why you’re so angry with me.
I can afford the futon payments because i’ve already made up my budget through next year and will make extra payments when I can. It won’t take me eleven months to pay it off. And as for saving up the money, I have no money to save by the time i’ve paid my bills every month and bought things I need. I don’t have disposable income. I don’t have people or a bank I can just walk into and get a loan for a new car or a boat or some stupid vacation to Disney world. ALl of my money every month is accounted for. Isn’t that called a ZBB? Isnt that this group and Scott preaches? I don’t have satellite radio. I don’t pay the cable. I pay half the rent, half the electric, the phone and my bills. Then buy food and household items with the money left over. I’m following Scott’s principles. SUre, I don’t have a BEF yet but as soon as I get caught up on my credit cards to where i’m not over the limit and can pay less then i’ll be able to save it up and pay off the futon earlier then the agreement states.
And you know what, at least I didn’t go get a loan to pay for it. I have $3 to last me until the 3rd, how many of you can say that? Mom went to a foodbank the other day to get food to last us. The truck had to be fixed or we wouldn’t be going to the doctor or the store m,uch like some of you wouldn’t be going to work. I don’t know why some of you think it’s easy living the wya I do because it’s not and I don’t go around begging for money or help just because I have foodstamps or are on disability. You should try living in my shoes for a while and see how you fare, you’d find out how hard it really is just to survive. How often we go without. I’d kill to make thousands of dollars a month and live in a nice house and have enough money to pay my bills off in a couple of months. I’m happy that you’re debt free, I really am. More power to you. You need to remember that not all of us are as fortunate.
Would you like my backache? I’d be more then willing to give it away because i’m tired of it quite frankly and taking painpills all the time when it gets to be too much to take. I fell three times. My couch is broke. It’s uncomfortable. The cushions don’t fit no more. I let my mom have the bed because she’s my elder and I respect her and I love her and care for her. There’s no room in my apoartment for another bed. I’m getting rid of the coucgh and getting another that folds out into a bed so that I can sleep maybe without hurting so much. Do you not understand that? Apparently you’ve never fell and hurt yourself. I wasn’t on drugs or drinking when I fell. I slid into the bathtub. Had a grand mal seizure and fell. Had a bike accident. Then there’s millions of times that I just barely caught myself to keep from falling and all the other health problems I have. I’m glad that your health is great. Enjoy it while you have it.
I’m taking the advice i’ve been given. No more loans. This is the first thing i’ve bought on credit in more then a year thank you. And if i’d had the cash to pay for it outright I would have. Remember i’m broke.

but then he’s always been a tough love kinda guy though..no one would accuse him of not being a friend just because he is very blunt with people…I’m not going to empathize someone right down the road into more debt (to me that’s not love) when they admit themselves that they knew it wasn’t Scott’s way but that they did it anyway because that’s what they wanted at the moment. Especially when a person has been reading this blog for months and had much help and advice given to them numerous times in the past, but openly admits they chose not to listen to it.

And yes maybe this is just my own problem, but one thing that does bother me is when people come to the forum to ask for help in getting their financial picture in order, get lots of help and attention and advice from people here, but then turn around and say, “I dont care what Scott or any of you says, I’m going to do the opposite regardless”. That’s a deliberate choice they make, not just some mistake someone fell into accidentally that they need hand-holding for.

However I’m not totally heartless (lest you think I am)…If it had been a real emergency situation I’m sure many of us would do whatever we had to do in a real emergency even if it meant putting something on a credit card if we absolutely had NO other choice, especially if we had no savings yet to cover the emergency, which is another reason it’s imperative to get that emergency fund in place asap, instead of finding one more thing to make payments on for months first when better choices could have been made.

To encourage others that it can be done and not to give up, I want to say that we will be completely out of debt including the house at the end of this month..and starting BS 7 in August, so yes I see what following Scott’s plan can do for people, therefore I hate to see someone who is shortchanging themselves when they can do so much better if they would only decide to. I truly want the best for people which is why I am so blunt, and I think that’s why Scott is also.

So I repeat, a person has to make the decision on their own first before they will ever find freedom.

I bought a (used) futon with an extra mattress for $60 and we used it as a bed for a few months until I got my bed. Then we used it as a couch until I found the “once in a lifetime deal” on a living room suite. I answered an ad on CL for a college student wanting furniture for her first apartment! She bought the futon from me for $50.

We got a lot of use out of it for that $10 “rental” fee!!

My son’s bed was destroyed and he’s been sleeping on mine. Yesterday, I walked into a bed store with CASH and got a brand new queen mattress/box springs (floor model) that cost $900+ for $400. That’s for the mattress, box springs, a pillow, taxes and delivery. Then we put an ad on CL for my room mate’s king sized mattress/box springs for $50 and got a reply (but no cash yet!) within 10 minutes.

Actually, while I’m on the subject, we traded my son’s twin for his queen several months ago with someone. They wanted a small bed for their son and my son wanted a larger one (both dogs sleep with him!!!
LOL!). I did throw in all the twin sheets I had, too, but we had to buy him some queen sheets.

Is it too late to take the futon back?? I don’t think you can afford it. You can buy a nice, used futon or daybed for one or two of those payments.

See if you can get a public attorney, or ask around the courthouse. Book / movie club… I have returned stuff far after receiving them (like months).. ??? As long as they are in the same shape (movie not opened, book pristine) and you have the original packaging, put ’em back in it and return ’em. I have always had stuff accepted. Other option is to try to sell them on Amazon or Half.com and recoup at least some of the money. I got in lots of trouble with those clubs too – join the team!!!!! 🙂
Cats don’t scratch with their back claws, so you should be OK on that one. It’s the front ones they sharpen in the most inconvenient places. (Not all of them do – strange – had one that was never a problem and two that were total nightmares – the one even LIKED the spray bottle we disciplined them with.)

when my cat ripped a ever so tiny hole in the hose on my C-PAP machine. Had to be replaced and the cat got her front claws cut out which ended up costing me right at $99 for the procedure and some blood tests. May get the back claws out too.
And my broken couch has finally gotten to the point that it needs to be fixed before I need a crane to get up. My cousin is coming this week to see about how he can fix it because he knows about wood and I said i’d pay him for it. Then I had to charge some meds on mom’s account so we compromised that she wouldn’t have to pay her half on the electric bill this month. My pills were about $12 and the bill was $31 so it worked out.
I ordered a book and movie too thinking i’d have the money from my blow to pay for them, that was before the cat ordeal. So much for that. Too late to send them back so I may bum $45 from mom to pay for them or wait until july. Soon as I make my committments, i’m cancelling the movie club and have already got out of two book clubs which is good news.
The bad news is that my husband has jumped again so I can’t contact him at all and he owes me some money. I was planning on paying a bunch on my citibank card with it so now i’m screwed. I want a divorce but can’t file if I don’t know where to send the damn papers, can I?