I have one, I dibble and dabble a little bit with some companies that aren’t in my larger portfolio and I especially liked the idea of not having to buy a whole share of stock or fractional shares of stock to see my comfort level with the company. I’ve not been to the account in quite some time but I went moments ago. It seems as if you can no longer build up to a share of stock… you must, at a minimum, buy one share. When did this change? Why did this change? Does anybody know? I’m imagining this is tied in to the acquisition of Sharebuilder by the less than agreeable Capital One…
— I’m with Sharebuilder although I haven’t actively invested since I got serious about getting out of debt a few years ago. I’m not sure what you mean. Automatic Investing works the same as it always has– X dollars into X companies (i.e. Sina Cash Advance) will get you X shares or partial shares. Are you talking about direct (real time) trading?
Or buying (into) mutual funds?

PS.They no longer allow you to buy x dollars of a share. You have to buy at least one share. Used to be if Apple was trading at 200 a share, you could buy 25 dollars worth…. Or 1/8th of a position. Now you have to invest in the entire share.

I’m so stressed out from taking care of my mom and have been up allnight so if this don’t make no sense you’ll have to forgive me. Two loans, 254 and 233.33. Got out of the third one. They charged me for discontinuing everything so why should long distance be any different? I’m on the cheapest plan for LD they have and it’s like 6 or 7 a month plus .06 a minute. Had to tell the lady repeatedly I didn’t make enough calls for the bundle to make sense or the plan she said was free but .15 a minute. Didn’t make sense.
I think Centurytel isn’t making enough money from me and they’ve caught on ’cause I never make any long distance calls and absolutely refuse to bundle. It’s not cheaper. I’m on the cheapest internet other then dial up they offer so that’s why they charged me for their mistake on the call block thing. I could talk allday and tell them what I wanted but they’d still get it wrong and when I changed I got charged, when I discontinued they charged.
I’ve got 60 in savings I think I’m so confused. So tired. Can’t sleep. Having seizures agin, bumped my head again in the same damn place for the fourth time ’cause i’m so tired and can’t sleep. My phone bill according to Centurytel should be about 60 a month when I get caught up and i’ll ask about that today when I pay my bill. Gotta stay awake to pay Capital one too. Mom’s putting the money in my account to do that today. Gotta stay up for the plumber. Someone keeps putting their kitty litter down the toilet around here and it backs things up a LOT but it’s flushing now. Thank God.

I was told that when i was trying to get the right call block put on that they charged me for taking it off even though it was their mess up not mine. They couldn’t get the right one so I just took it off so they charged me for that over and over and over and everything else I had took off. I got them to take $45 off so it’s $126.11 now instead of $170 something. I bought me a cell phone so i’m thinking about taking off the long distance but am afraid to do since they’ll charge me for it. It’s nuts if you ask me but that’s what the lady told me when I called to find out why it was nearly $200. I didn’t know they were charging me like this or things wouldn’t have been done. Next month it won’t be anywhere near this high I hope because i’m leaving it like it is. All I have is local, long distance and caller ID.
And I recertify this month on my rent which I hope doesn’t go up. It’s going up ten bucks in January complex wide but I need to get caught up on things before it does or else i’ll be in big trouble. The loan is $254 but I did it again to pay Capital One and the phone so it’s $233.33 too. Mom is paying to have the pc diagnosed at staples today or tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about that for now. It’s shutting itself off if I leave it on for more then 12-24 hours and i’m scared to death it’s an electrical short somewhere in the tower and may cause a fire. I’ve been trying to remember to unplug it if I leave the house. I have to pay the phone bill today and will ask them what my bill might be next month so I go ahead and do a preliminary budget. I can cut the savings if necessary and maybe some on the groceries so next month i’ll get out of the second loan and then in december get out completely. I plan on having my yardsale in the next few weeks because i’m going to the doctor to find out why I can’t sleep and get it over with. I’m so tired. Then it’s happening. The weather has cooled off a lot and i’m having it right outside my apartment or maybe inside so I won’t get too hot and have a seizure. I’ve been having them again lately because I can’t sleep. Need to have the sale soon.

my face where the legs of my glasses rested and the backs of my ears. Mom said she had some benadryl creme so i’m gonna try that as well as washing them really well like you said with dial while in the shower. I know selsun blue makes them burn like the alcohol. It started when I got my hair cut on august 4 and the lady cut me 4 times total on both ears and being diabetic they got infected. i gotta make a doctor’s appt. next week anyways so i’ll see what he can do ’cause two months now and they’ve not healed.

Real gold & silver won’t do that, but they will also take the green out of your wallet..:) For the itchiness you could try a cold wet tea bag, I know it takes the itch our of my sun & wind burn. I think you mentioned you drink a lot of tea, so it’s free to try. An oatmeal bath often works for itches like chicken pox, so maybe a cool oatmeal compress? I’d be hesitant to try anything stronger with everything else you have going on.

New ones that fit my lenses which I can’t afford to replace at a cost of 110 were 41.04. Ears are itching me to death and Benadryl’s not helping ’cause I take 4 a day for my regular allergies and antibiotic creme isn’t helping either. Only thing that takes the itch away is alcohol.
as for the loans, I got out of two so far. I’m trying hard not to borrow again but mom ain’t got all I need, I need almost 400 to pay the phone, loan and capital one. Mom’s helping me, she’s gonna pay the loan and see about working out a deal on the phone but i’m not so sure it’s gonna do any good to talk to the phone co. I’m already on payments + current bill which means 126.11 no matter what I do. I’m taking caller id and long distance off but won’t see the savings ’til next month. i need the internet since I stay home all day but worse comes to worse i can use the library and live with it. I bought a cell phone and an hours worth of minute at 37.?. Mom was gonna pay for it but she put 45 on the check and they wouldn’t take it ’cause it wasn’t 45.
I guess it could always be worse.

my glasses due to an allergy to nickel and didn’t make it to the bank in time to change my savings from 25 to 5.
GUess it went downhill from there. Mom bought my selsun blue and razor blades because I put it in the cart and went to look at frames, didn’t mean for her to buy it but she did. Oh well.
Paid my rent, electric bill and two of the three loans. Still owe the third and don’t have a dime of it which means either mom loans me the money or I got a hot check. Don’t have the phone bill either. may lose the phone. thought about getting a cheap cell so i’d have one. will have to look around.
I don’t know what i’m gonna do, I have the money to buy pretty much everything i’ll need for the rest of the month such as cat food and litter and food and other things but nothing else. I got about 90 left.
ANy ideas?